A Complete Guide To Manage Your Payroll Efficiently

What is Payroll Management?

The payroll management process is concerned with administering a company’s financial data concerning its employees. Wages, incentives, bonuses, deductions, and the employee’s net remuneration would all be factored in. By law, an employer must keep and maintain specific papers. Noncompliance with the Internal Revenue Service’s employee recordkeeping regulations could result in legal ramifications.

Why manage payroll?

The Payroll Management method will help your staff since it gives structure and consistency. It also gives them access to a dedicated grievance redress system. Following are some of the benefits of a sound payroll management system:

1. Reduce Tax Bills

You can have to pay fines for mismanaged records if you don’t maintain your employees’ records properly. Taxes and TDS must be deducted from the salary, and all of this must be accurately recorded. Further in this regard, Payroll Management software can help you avoid paying legal fines.

2. It is beneficial to even novice business owners.

If you’re a new start-up founder, you’ll have to wear many hats in the beginning. One of them is in charge of the payroll. Instead of doing it by hand and risking human errors, you may now manage your company’s finances with established management software.

How to Take Care of Payroll?

There are a few primary stages that apply to most payroll management strategies, regardless of how a business chooses to manage payroll:

Employee data should be collected and updated regularly.

Every employee requires Social Security numbers, tax withholding certificates, benefit enrolment deductions, and worker classifications.

Work out your gross compensation.

Employers must log the total hours employees work and multiply it by their hourly rate to compute gross pay for non-exempt or hourly workers. It’s a little easier for exempt and paid personnel. Further, divide the annual wage by the number of pay periods to get the answer.

Work out your net compensation.

Net or take-home pay is computed after deducting any pre-tax payments to benefits or retirement plans from gross income. Withhold federal income tax, FICA taxes, and any other applicable state or local taxes and withholdings.

Determine how much the employer pays in payroll taxes.

Employers are liable for half of the FICA tax and federal and state unemployment insurance contributions.

Maintain complete payroll records

According to the federal government, businesses must preserve payroll records for at least three years. Some states have far more stringent requirements.

Employees are compensated

Firms can pay employees by cheque, direct deposit, or pay card in most circumstances, while certain states prevent employers from using electronic or alternative compensation.

Government agencies and benefit suppliers should be compensated.

Employer payments to payroll taxes and insurance premiums and taxes, benefits, and garnishments are taken from employee earnings. Moreover, they must be remitted to the relevant agencies and insurance carriers on time.

Prepare and submit tax returns.

Businesses must report to the federal and state governments the taxes they withheld and paid. Moreover, this is usually done quarterly or annually, depending on the total tax burden of the business and state requirements.

Must-Have Features of Payroll Management Software 

Here are some of the main characteristics to look for in a decent Payroll Management Software when purchasing one for your company’s needs:

  • Payrolls should be able to be generated automatically.
  • Should be able to assist in creating accurate and timely invoices and estimates.
  • It should come in handy when filing forms of taxation
  • Tools for basic tax reporting must be included.

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