Terms and conditions concerning work undertaken by MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES


This set of terms and conditions are the general terms that we have adopted for undertaking our business. The terms and conditions related to our specific assignments will be covered in engagement letters.

These terms of “MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES” include its partners, employees, and all its related operations. 

Our services:

Our expert Advisors at MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES work with you whether you want a full-service dedicated team for daily/weekly/monthly needs, or just need help with accounting system design and clean up as a one-time project to fix an issue in an efficient and timely manner using their expertise in professional standard.

Your commitments:

  • You agree to provide MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES with information that is required for the proper functioning of the services. Information such as an accurate number of your staff, financial records, and information about the system, technology, and campus shall be provided by you to MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES.
  • You agree to pay for the services according to this agreement.
  • MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES will believe in the accuracy of all information provided by your side and will act accordingly without independently verifying that information. 
  • You shall keep possession for the use of advice or guidance provided by MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES in the delivery of services.
  • You accept that if anything happens after you supplied information to MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES, you will immediately notify MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES if any information is misleading or untrue.
  • You shall take all necessary steps to correct any information and announcement provided by you to MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES.
  • You undertake that information made available by you or anyone on behalf of your company, partners or employees of MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES who are not engaged in the delivery of services will not be considered to have been made available to the staffs of MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES who are engaged with the delivery of the services.


Both parties accept that they shall be exchanging information in the course of the engagement. The exposure to information will remain strictly confidential to the other party except for any legal or judicial process. The information exchanged during engagement shall be kept proprietary by any person or body responsible to manage sparty’s operations.


You undertake that you will not offer employment to any staff of MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES involved with business operations during engagement and thereafter without our consent.

The benefit of advice:

Any advice or guidance related to the services provided by MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES are for your company’s benefit and shall not be disclosed by any means including social media unless stated in the agreement or engagement letter.

The means of communications during the engagement period shall be oral, drafts, presentations, interim advice, or through reports. No dependence should be claimed by you on any oral, drafts, presentations, interim advice, or through reports. In every case, the final report should outweigh it. MFHILLS BUSINESS SERVICES should not be under any commitment to update any advice or reports through presentation or oral after the report or advice has been issued as the final one.