Should I hire a Bookkeeper or an Accountant?

You may have this question while you are planning to outsource an accountant for your small business! Is there any difference between bookkeeper and accountant? In general, the bookkeeper is the one who is responsible to keep the records and who actually classifies the daily financial transactions of a company such as payment of bills, sales, payroll, etc. Whereas an accountant fabricates the information gathered by the bookkeeper. Now whether you go for an accountant or bookkeeper can be a personal choice, but hiring a professional is the only way to manage time to grow your business. Let the proficient define balance sheets, reconcile the account, reconcile statements, calculate the gross profit to sales, handle the management receivables, calculate the margin contribution formula, invest time on break-even analysis formulas, or in calculation gross profit. So that you can invest all your time and energy in your business ideas. Being an accountant company,that’s our mission!