Handle Your Cash Flow Crisis Before Things Get Off-track!

Did you know that about 82 percent of businesses fail due to cash flow problems? A cash flow crisis happens when more money is flowing out of business than coming in. In a cash flow crisis, a company can’t cover its operating and payroll expenses. A cash flow crisis usually happens because the company’s leaders do not have a sound strategy for their company or a good plan for handling cash flow shortages.

In a cash flow crisis, the business owners should be ready to take quick action to save their business from an untimely end. Cash flow is said to be the lifeblood of the business, and it can be the reason for the success and failure of the company. Lots of companies walk on a very narrow road when managing their accounts receivable and account payable. The industry must chase their debtors relentlessly, so they can pay off their creditors as soon as possible. And it also very important to have resources to pay the employees that work at their business and money to reinvest in the industry to increase the stock level that can help get additional revenue and profits.

Here are some reasons that a cash flow crisis happens:

Slow paying debtors 

If you have lots of customers but all of them are slow payers, and then the business may be in trouble. It is always better to have customers that pay quickly rather than ones that do not pay their debts for months at times. Hence, it is essential that the business chases after the accounts receivable; you can even specify the payment terms on their invoice bill to be safe. 


Sales is the most essential part of running a business; if the company does not generate enough sales, it may go under in a few months. So, a business must have a sound strategy to sell its products and services to its customers.


A business that is too much in debt will suffer from cash flow issues at least once in its lifetime. If the business has taken out too many loans and can’t repay their credit card bills, it is a warning sign for the business that sooner rather than later, they are going to face cash flow problems. 

Now that we have talked about the reasons that could lead to a cash flow crisis, let’s get into how one could avoid a cash flow crisis before it ever happens:

Businesses should be aware of their cash needs 

Many small businesses rely on their speed and tendency to adapt to new circumstances that may appear, keeping paper-based ledgers and records, or even maintaining electronic spreadsheets won’t provide you with information that would be needed to make effective decisions. Small business owners need to know when, how, and where the cash need may come from to be handled as quickly as possible. They need to foresee all possibilities. With the currently available technology in the market today, even small business owners can have affordable access to the best cash management solutions.

Businesses need to know the best sources to meet their cash flows 

Every business has to face unexpected expenses once in a while that can mess up their cash projections. Such unexpected strains can put long-lasting pressure on the business’s cash flow. Hence, the businesses should be ready to sell some of their inventory to make room for instant cash, but there are also many other techniques to quickly raise some capital. Getting this problem under control is very important for all businesses. 

Businesses should be aware of how to avoid a cash flow crisis 

Businesses should be mindful of their payment cycles; if they have seasonal payment needs, those needs must be taken care of. They need to build up sufficient reserves for it and establish a credit ahead of time. 

Businesses should be aware of their cash flow 

If the business has borrowed money, make sure that those payments can be made based on the business’s current operations. And the repayment should not depend on some considerable sale or some sudden huge earning, as that could be the final nail in the coffin. 

Knowing their inventory 

The business should be aware of the money they have spent on their list. The money spent on inventory isn’t cashed until the goods are sold. The business should have a good sense of their accounts receivable as most businesses buy inventory on credit, and those credit payments need to be made before they are due. 

Know the expenses

As obvious as it may seem, it is still crucial for the business to keep in mind. The business should always be aware of its costs. 

Knowing the cash management process through and through can also help the business quite a lot. And being aware of the payments to be made to vendors, suppliers, and clients is very important. 


Effective cash flow management can help a business to clearly understand its cash needs. The business can’t always predict the events that may happen in a year’s time. So, the best way to handle those unforeseen events is by knowing the business’s ins and outs and knowing all the aspects that may affect the cash flow.

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