Non-Profit Organizations or colloquially known as NGOs, rely on fundraising for their functioning where these are reused for the welfare of society. These organizations mainly function on the funding that they receive from philanthropists, big business firms, individuals across the country, etc.

But at a time like the present one, wherein the pandemic has affected not only organizations but countries across the globe, non-profit organizations had to face the brunt, like every other business, every other individual. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people had to sit at home and not step out of their houses. Organizations had to pull the shutter down. They started to face a financial crisis as the world proceeded into an unexpected lockdown for almost a year. In times like these, it would become difficult for any organization to generate funding or get some monetary relief, let alone for NGOs, which depend upon external funding. How is an NGO supposed to receive funding when the funders don’t have the capacity themselves?

At times like these, when all things seem to be going south, there are some things that an NGO, should remember.

Facts to remember about NGO

Take the things in your stride and move on. Maybe this is an opportunity to reimagine and rejuvenate the idea the NGO represents and how it functions. Take inputs from staff, the board, volunteers, and any stakeholder. They can help in thinking about what can be changed and how to build something new from the ground up.

However, this is a difficult task in itself, and many had already gone through this phase when they started. Subsequently, many might not be willing to go through it again. For such instances, there are some routes to generate funding as well.

Your regular donors from the past may be willing to let loose a little on their pockets if you can present your case with strength and aplomb. You should again pitch your cause for doing the social work and appeal to their emotional side. You should meet with them more frequently and plead your case. Do not forget to thank them.

Staying calm and carrying on is also one of the significant aspects of it. Moreover, if a campaign had to be rescheduled, it must be resumed and completed to make your case to the donors and stay relevant. Given the prevailing conditions, you could restart your campaign online or try to finish them as and when the situation betters.

Involve the board and the staff. Discuss the pandemic, the recession, and the problems you are facing. The more brains involved, the better will be the chances of resolving the crisis.


Consequently, it is always important to remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. The world in itself is shaken by this pandemic. It is necessary now to keep your head high at times like these and hope for the best!

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