The productivity of employees can be improved with simple steps

Working for more hours does not necessarily mean improvement in employee productivity. As an owner of a start-up, you must think about taking the necessary steps to help increase employee efficiency at your office by motivating them towards their job.

Any business will run smoothly only when the employees are well educated as well as motivated. Some business start-up owners make the mistake of thinking to give prizes to boost employee efficiency in the workplace. This is not the right way to motivate your employees.

Motivation among employees should come from inside which will a productive way to bring up the working efficiency level.

In this article we are discus some tips for business owners to increase employee efficiency at their workplace. Implementing such strategies can lead to employee satisfaction. And can boost the company’s strengths because if you have educated and motivated minds in your team. So you can reach your company goals faster.  

Some Steps Improve Employees Productivity

Make a clear mission and vision of the company

If your company does not have any goal to aim for then you can’t motivate your employees and colleagues to be efficient. If there doesn’t exist any defined mission and vision of your company then employees will not be motivated. Employees must be informed about what type of output you are expecting from them. Make specific and realistic goals for your start-up. Build a smart mission and vision to keep your employees focused and dedicated to their job.

Identify their skills: 

Try to match the tasks you assign to your employees matches with their core skills. As an owner, you must be well informed about the technical skills of the employees you hire. And be aware of their behavioral styles for maximizing efficiency at the workplace. If you offer a creative or out-of-the-box thinking employee a detailed or rules bounded task, then he/she might not find it easier to perform the task. And increases your company’s probability to lose potential clients.  

Before assigning a task to any section of the employee, you must reconsider whether they are skilled in performing the work. Do not pressurize them to be excellent at everything. They might not find it encouraging and ultimately will hamper your company’s productivity. Instead, assign the tasks to someone whose style and skills match your needs.   

Make regular communication with employees:

Routine communication with employees increases productivity in the workplace. In the current situation when the coronavirus pandemic is at the peak, using technology for communication purposes will be beneficial. Technology has enabled us to contact each other with just one click of a button. So, you may think to communicate with employees via emails. But a recent study shows that emails can be a time-consuming activity for workers as it takes almost 28 per cent of employees working time. So instead of relying on emails, try to connect with employees on social media groups for faster team coordination. Making phone calls for settling urgent matters will save more time than forwarding threads of emails.  

Do not hesitate to assign tasks: 

Instead of checking on every other employee’s work by yourself and wasting time by doing this, you must consider assigning the responsibilities to qualified employees. It is very obvious that as an owner you love your company. Thus, want to have a direct hand over every department’s work to check on the quality of the employees regularly. But this is a time-consuming task. Thus it is recommended to trust your employees hoping that they will perform well. This will provide your employees with the opportunity to showcase leadership qualities and gains skills in this field. Provide them proper space to prove you their skills at a workplace which will ultimately benefit your start-up company

Provide proper training and development spaces:

You can’t force employees to learn all the skills on their own without providing proper training. That would backfire and result in inefficient behavior. Assign a proper routine for the employees to train them with proper guidance. Instead of having employees struggling to perform the tasks by hook or crook, teach them with necessary skills. A small investment towards their training will ultimately help your start-up to grow. And have a good reputation among business competitors. Training will set them ready to accomplish their tasks faster rather than making small mistakes each time. 

Continue to have employee development programs in the workplace to motivate employees to expand their skillsets. And build a strong workforce by using their capabilities. The measures you can take to encourage employee development include offering online courses, conducting webinars as well as individual training workshops, and as earlier mentioned, increase their responsibilities. These events will allow employees to gain additional managerial skills too. 


Every organization nowadays is aiming at increasing productivity. To increase productivity every start-up and established companies must adopt some measures to motivate and increase the skill set of their employees. A business with knowledgeable staff observes maximum productivity compared to other competitors. Productive employees will bring glory to the company and make a positive impact on the economy as a whole.