Google Ads are working or not! Here’s How to know

Google Ads, one of the most used advertising platforms, has indeed grown to be a much popular one since its launch in 2000. However, the platform was initially named Google Adwords, which got changed in 2018 to only Google Ads. Nowadays, almost everyone used this platform for earning as it is a pay-per-click (PPC) form of advertising where the payment is made based on per click or impression on an ad. It is a much good fit for a business generating new business and leads with the probability of getting new customers with the generation of more clicks.

Effectiveness of Google Ads

Google Ads is the most effective method for right-fit customers or traffic building to any business when anyone searches for services or products. The traffic of the website also gets boosted with an increase in-store visits and receiving more phone calls. Furthermore, Google Ads allows for sharing and creation f good advertisements, whether on desktop and mobile among the audience that is targeted. The placing of ads can take place not only on one platform but across other channels, also such as Google Display Network, YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, etc.

Non-Displaying of Google Ads

Sometimes this does not show up any impressions. There are various reasons for not showing Google Ads. Billing information of the account may have some issues or not completely set up or is not correct or accepted by this platform. The status column consists of separate statutes indicating the reason for not showing the ads. Paused or removed indicates the non-appearance of the advertisements. It may also be the case that the advertisement may still be under the approval process. Sometimes, the ads also get disapproved. Hence, it is essential to continuously check whether if Google Ads are working or not.

Checking of the working of the Google Ads

The status of an advertisement or extension after its creation can get checked in the Status column. First, one should sign in to the particular Ads placing account and then navigate to the campaigns or the ads from the page menu. Now, click over each ad which will state if the ad is active or not. The Status column will describe the exact position of the ads and also the proper explanation of the status. The policy details in the table should get enabled for seeing more details about the policy information or more about the ads. Below stated are the details of each status.


It means that the review is still going on for the ads. It may also mean that some parts of the ad is approved and running.

Under Review:

It means that the ad cannot show up until approval took place, and it is still in the reviewing process.


The can now get shown as it complies with all the policies of Google Ads. However, the ad does not run due to policy restrictions in all situations in the approved (limited) and some targeted locations in the approved (limited all locations).


The ad violated some policy of Google Adwords, so it cannot run.


Hence, one can always check if the Google ad is working or not with fulfilling all the required conditions. If it is not working, one can correctly place it again.