Document Management

Why not stay organized by attaching all your important documents, scanned receipts, estimates inside QuickBooks?

Let’s improve the way of managing the financial documents with the QuickBooks Attached Document.

As you have already heard, QuickBooks Attached Documents make the paperless office a reality. So, let’s save a tree, money, and your precious time too.

It’s pretty basic to use and provides quick access to all or any documents concerning your company’s finances from within your QuickBooks file.

MFhills will help you to stay organized by attaching scanned receipts, estimates, spreadsheets, and all other financial documents to your Quickbook.

Now while gaining security by securely storing, you can save space too and be allowed to access your files and attached documents online anytime.

Benefits of Document management?

  • Save time trying to find files or attachments for you and your CPA
  • Easily access your attached documents anytime and securely share with anyone